Second Opinion Review

When a salesman recommends that you purchase an investment or insurance product, how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? Who do you ask if you have questions, but are too embarrassed to ask your advisor? Where can you receive a second opinion review of your investment portfolio?

We believe that everyone deserves to experience serenity in their financial lives. That is why we are proud to provide one free hour of second opinion review services. This service gives you the opportunity to receive an unbiased, objective review of financial concerns you have.

Typical Questions Second Opinion Review Clients Ask

  • My insurance agent keeps recommending that I buy permanent/whole life insurance. Do I really need this type of insurance?
  • How has my portfolio performed compared to the market average?
  • Should I purchase an annuity in my IRA?
  • My investment advisor frequently buys and sells within my account. Is s/he doing a good job managing my portfolio?


You can schedule your Second Opinion Review meeting by clicking here. We will contact you to get information about your question or concern, and may request additional documentation if needed. We will prepare our report, and meet with you at the scheduled time. No sales-pitch, no bait-and-switch, no gimmick. Just one free hour of financial planning advice.