Fee Only Financial Advisor

We are committed to always providing advice that is in our clients best interest.

We believe how your financial advisor gets paid is incredibly important. The three most common ways for financial advisors to be compensated are:

Fee Only Compensation:  A Fee Only financial advisor charges the client directly for their advice and/or ongoing investment management. No other financial reward is provided by any institution—which means that the advisor does not receive commissions by recommended particular financial products.

Fee-based Compensation (fee and commission):  This form is often confused with Fee Only, but it’s certainly not the same. Fee-based advisors charge clients a fee for the advice delivered, but they also receive payments for products they sell or recommend. This not only makes it difficult to know how much the advisor is being paid, but also incentivizes them to recommend certain products based on the commissions they will earn.

Commission: Financial advisors paid on commission are salesmen, not advisors. Commission salesmen earn money when their customers purchase a product. Salesmen are usually required to put the best interests of their employer ahead of the best interests of their clients.

If your financial advisor is compensated by the investment or insurance products they sell, whose best interests do they really have at heart? 100% of our income comes from fees that our clients pay us. This means no hidden agenda, unknown compensation, or unnecessary conflicts of interest.

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Serenity Financial Consulting is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor in Milwaukee Wisconsin and Bozeman Montana – NOT Fee Based